Violin Repairs by Appointment Only — Call Josh at 412-849-7527

Jamrom Violin Repair specializes in the repair and restoration of violins and other non-fretted stringed instruments including the cello, bass, fiddle and viola.

From major bashes to minor scratches, Josh our master luthier, will make it look new again!

Josh did such a fantastic job resetting a bridge and sound post
that was incorrectly repaired elsewhere. I then gave him my
favorite violin to restore because she was pretty much in
pieces and no longer playable... she now looks and sounds
beautiful! Thanks Jamrom Violin Repair!

Tina C.
Allison Park, PA
July 27, 2015


Mentored by John Kretzmer, a master violin repairman, Josh Jamrom has been repairing and restoring violins and other non-fretted, stringed instruments since 2006.

A musician himself, Josh understands the importance of how tone, sound and projection work together to produce a quality instrument that becomes one with the player… an extension of their “jamming soul".

Josh’s highly appraised work is second to none!